Showcase Your Art Music Film & Performance


The Jubilee Arts Festival through the National Festivals will give the Jamat an opportunity to experience global artistic expressions and highlight the cultural diversity of the global Ismaili community. It will provide a platform for new and aspiring artists to showcase their expressions through Art and be discovered and recognized within their local and national Jamats. The Arts Festivals will also celebrate the Jamat’s vast artistic skills and cultural traditions to encourage a deeper appreciation of the Arts within the Jamat.

It is hoped that the Jubilee Arts Festival will provide an opportunity to further develop artistic talent within the Jamat during and beyond the Diamond Jubilee year.


Talent Showcase

Dance. Music. Voice. Spoken Word. Performance Art. Operatic Arias. Hip-hop. Flamenco. Jazz. Monologues. Comedy. Martial Arts. Puppetry. Magic. Acrobatics …

Criteria: Technique, Content, Creativity, Delivery, Overall performance.

Download Talent Submission Guidelines



Documentary. Fiction. Experimental. Abstract  Piece.

CRITERIA: Storyline & Theme, direction & production design, editing, sound design, cinematography, character, vfx & sfx or stunts.

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Visual Arts

Canvas Media. Paper Media. Graphic Design/Print Media. 3D/Sculpture. Photography. Mixed/Assembled Media. Art/Digital Installations. Built Environment.

CRITERIA: content, composition, technique / execution, appearance / presentation / final product.

Download Visual Arts Submission Guidelines


Our Brand.

The Saadhri.

The traditional Gujerati Indian reed mat - the saadhri, has been used as a focal point in the design of our National Arts Festival brand. The saadhri was brought to Kenya by the first Indian traders at the turn of the twentieth century.  It became a unique identifying feature in the aesthetic of Jamatkhanas, and continues to be a central part of interior spaces where large Ismaili congregations gather in East Africa.

It is a symbol of humility, authenticity and tradition, with a utility that continues to apply in the 21st century. The saadhri has a powerful association with the spirit of volunteerism – hundreds of hands working together to stitch the distinctive mats into hundreds of combined metres for congregational seating at special events. The basic pattern of the reed mat creates a tessellated pattern reflecting vibrancy, continuity, timelessness – qualities reflected in the Imamat and the global Ismaili Jamat.



Get Involved


Most festivals attribute their success to the participation and support they receive from volunteers.  There are many opportunities to engage as a volunteer. With over ten portfolios designed to streamline and organise the logistics for the festival, and logistics teams in six local Centres, you could be one of the many individuals lending support or providing your expertise to ensure the festival is a success for everyone.

Sign up to volunteer here, or at the Jubilee Junctions or at the Sign Up areas in your Centre.